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Legal Updates: 2007

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  Date of Article
Subject of Article
January 2007
Bank of Thailand - capital reserve requirements
January 2007
Foreign Business Act – proposals for changes
January 2007
Trade Competition Act Developments
March 2007
Foreign Business Act - Mark 2 Amendment Issued
May 2007
New Foreign Employment Bill Approved
May 2007
Compulsory patent licenses for pharmaceuticals
May 2007
Taxes and fees on the transfer of land
May 2007
The draft new Foreign Business Act –Summary of position as at 25 May 2007
June 2007
New Foreign Employment Bill approved
August 2007
Changes proposed to Labour Protection Act
August 2007
Computer Crimes Act
September 2007
Establishing a Bureau de Change business in Thailand
September 2007
The draft new Foreign Business Act – Summary of position as at 4 September 2007
September 2007
Retirement visa rules tightened
October 2007
New Retailing and Wholesaling Act approved by Cabinet
November 2007
Foreign Business Act November Update
December 2007
Exchange control rules changed
December 2007
Foreign Business Act changes and Retailing Bill withdrawn