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Legal Updates: 2008

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  Date of Article
Subject of Article
January 2008
Thailand - New minimum wages
January 2008
Civil and Commercial Code - Proposed Changes
January 2008
Loan transactions and security interests in Thailand
March 2008
Bank of Thailand rescinds capital reserve rules
March 2008
Cabinet announces fiscal stimulus measures
March 2008
New rights for the disabled
May 2008
Thailand national minimum wages increased again in 2008
June 2008
Changes to Thailand’s Labour Protection Act
June 2008
Changes to the Civil and Commercial Code
June 2008
Changes in taxation and property transfer fees
June 2008
New Corporate governance standards for public companies and takeover rules changes
June 2008
Thailand revises its Foreign Employment Act
June 2008
New product liability law in Thailand
June 2008
Thailand passes Escrow Act
July 2008
Greater protection for condominium owners in Thailand
August 2008
Protecting bank deposits in Thailand
August 2008
Thailand liberalises foreign ownership rules in the banking and insurance industries
October 2008
Rules for board of directors meetings changed
November 2008
Crisis? What crisis? - Employers' obligations in a business slowdown