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Legal Updates: 2009

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  Date of Article
Subject of Article
December 2009
Thailand's Board of Investment opens One Start One Stop Centre
December 2009
Thailand's Board of Investment revises categories of business eligible for investment priviledges
October 2009
Civil code changes approved
July 2009
Thailand reduces social security contributions
April 2009
What is the maximum length of a lease in Thailand?
April 2009
Tax benefits awarded by the Thailand Board of Investment
March 2009
Should one be frightened of a Tax Audit?
February 2009
Thailand to liberalise Foreign Business Act?
February 2009
Tax planning during an economic downturn
February 2009
Taxation of royalties for intellectual property rights: Is tax planning easy?
February 2009
Thailand national minimum wages - as at 22 November 2008
January 2009
Property fee reductions and tax changes in Thailand
January 2009
Thailand changes visa rules
January 2009
Reorganisation proceedings in Thailand