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Legal Updates: 2011

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  Date of Article
Subject of Article
November 2011
Thailand postpones minimum wage increases due to flooding crisis
October 2011
Thai cabinet approves tax changes
October 2011
Thailand’s Telecoms regulator issues regulation regarding foreign dominance
September 2011
Thailand revises laws concerning health and safety at work part II - The Safety, Health and Workplace Act (2011)
September 2011
Thailand revises laws concerning health and safety at work part I - Changes to the Labour Protection Act (1999)
July 2011
Thailand’s national minimum wage to rise to 300 Baht a day?
June 2011
Foreign participation in telecoms businesses in Thailand
June 2011
The end of the affair - Closing down a business in Thailand
June 2011
Employment outsourcing and sub-contracting in Thailand
April 2011
Thailand to revise national minimum wages structure
April 2011
Getting stitched up! - Greater protection for homeworkers in Thailand
March 2011
Thailand immigration law - A manifesto for change
February 2011
Thailand changes 90 days’ reporting rule for foreigners
February 2011
Thailand tax roundup